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The BluGoo Goo

The BluGoo Goo

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Take your extreme sports up a notch with The Goo, turning foggy days into clear skies. The Goo brings your scuffed-up goggles up to snuff by filling in smaller, pesky scratches. We want you to be able to see through all the sketchy moments and enjoy all of your badass adventures. A little dab goes a long way, so be careful not to get too high on this supply. (Goo comes in 1/8oz Jar).


Fills in minor scrapes and scuffs

Streak free & Fog free finish

Best for Glasses, Goggles, and Sunglasses


Rub your finger in the Goo, absorb the texture. 

Now do a little finger dance on your lens, get it coated in the Goo.

Get your BluGoo cloth and clean up the dance floor. Really get in there.

Wow! Look at those beautiful eyes! No fog, no blemishes, no dirt.

For best results use a microfiber towel. Paper towels will leave smudges on your surface, and scratch your lenses, bonus points if you use our BluGoo cloth!

  (Non-toxic. Do not ingest. Do not put into eyes.)

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