Tanaya and Braelyn are young and determined women with goals to benefit their immediate community. Through BluGoo, they look to make a positive impact by providing a unique product for skiing, snowboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, and endless other activities with eyewear needs. Tanaya and Braelyn are cousins who grew up close as next-door neighbors near Salt Lake City, Utah. The exposure to mountain-sport enthusiasts helped them realize an immediate need in the community for cost-effective and quality products for stuff that gets dirty and grimy. BluGoo’s purpose is to give back to society, positively impact their customers, and nourish women-owned and operated businesses.


We’ve been there, whether ‘there’ is swimming through clear blue pools or making the most of a powder day gone wild. The last thing we want is a smudge on our goggles, causing us to miss that unique tide-washed rock or a divot in the snow causing us to go airborne. We provide the products you need to shred the gnar, flip the lip, or avoid a braille dive, whether high in the mountains or deep in the ocean. 

BluGoo sends 5% of its profits to locally owned businesses, humans helping humans, and local environmental initiatives. Our shipment packaging is nearly 100% compostable/recyclable, and we’re working every day to make our product more sustainable and locally sourced. BluGoo is made with high quality ingredients you can rely on to protect your glasses, telescopes, scuba gear, windshields, binoculars, jewelry, and beyond.