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BluGoo 2oz Spray

BluGoo 2oz Spray

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Spray it on any surface and expect your problems to disappear. Maybe not all your problems, but pretty damn close. The spray penetrates dirt and grime to remove it from your prized possessions without leaving unwanted residue. You’ll want to keep this travel-sized bottle in your ski jacket or go-bag to clean surfaces during adventurous days. 


Best for larger, difficult to reach areas

Use on windshields, glasses, jewelry, telescopes, binoculars, or anything else you need clean & fog free!

Easy-use bottle to keep with you on the mountain, in your bag, or on your jewelry stand.

No skin contact is necessary! Pair with the BluGoo Cloth.


Grab your Spray and BluGoo cloth.

Give that nasty surface a lil spray.

Rub clean. Be gentle, but firm.

For best results use a microfiber towel. Paper towels will leave smudges on your surface, and scratch your lenses..bonus points if you use our BluGoo cloth!

Now you can fog off and stay cleaner, longer!

 (Non-toxic, do not ingest, do not spray into eyes.)

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