Sunday September 24, 2017



Jewelry, Belt Buckles, Horse Tack

Blu Goo can be used as a cleaner and polisher for any type of jewelry. Many of our customers have commented that no other cleaner can give back the shine and new feeling that Blu Goo provides.

Computer Monitors, Iphones, Ipads

Blu Goo is an excellent cleaner for computer screens. Not only is it safe to use directly on the screen, it also contains an anti-static agent, keeping all types of screens cleaner, longer!

Computer Screens
Ski Goggles

Helment Visors, Ski, Scuba, and Paintball Goggles

Everyone hates goggles fogging up during serious play! Blu Goo is the perfect product to optimize eyewear, giving the intense outdoorsman an added edge.

Camera Lenses and Night Vision Equipment

A clean, dust and fog-free lens is critical when taking optimal photos. With Blu Goo's anti-static and anti-fog solution, dirty camera gear will never be an issue again. Our extra soft Blu Goo micro-fiber towel is a must for any serious photographer.

Camera Lenses
Sun Glasses and Eye Glasses

Safety, Sun, and Eye Glasses

At last, avoid wax or any type of build-up on any type of lens. Everyone who wears glasses on a regular basis experiences this frustration. Finally, a product that works!

CD's, DVD's, and Blu-Ray Discs

With our anti-static solution, discs will stay dust-free, providing the ultimate audio/video experience.

CD's, DVD's, BluRay Discs

TV's, Plasma, and LCD Screens

Get the best television experience by applying Blu Goo to any type of screen, keeping dust away and ensuring clear, vibrant detail in this week's episode of anyone's favorite show.

Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Plane, Motorcycle Windshields and Mirrors

Blu Goo works wonders on any type of glass, keeping all surfaces clean and fog-free. What a great way to start the more waiting on foggy mirrors!

Rifle Scopes

Binoculars, Rifle and Spotting Scopes

As a serious sportsman, nothing is more frustrating than having the perfect shot impeded by a dirty or foggy lens. A simple application of Blu Goo guarantees a clear shot every time.