Thursday October 19, 2017


  1. Micro Fiber

    Micro Fiber


    Our Blu-Goo Towel is a Great Micro-Fiber Clothe, that we think works the BEST for cleaning all of your items.... pick one up, you won't be disappointed.. Learn More
  2. Blu-Goo Tub

    Blu-Goo Tub


    Tired of having the annoying problem of your lenses fogging up, in hot/cold or cold/hot places . Having a fogging issue with your lenses can become real dangerous, FAST. Not being able to see is a problem. This is why we made Blu-Goo. BluGoo will eliminate fogging issues on your lenses up to 3 to 5 days with each application. The BluGoo jug works great on smaller items such as Sunglasses, Prescription glasses and Safety glasses. One BluGoo Jug lasts anywhere from 300 to 400 applications. The BluGoo Jug is awesome for Scuba, Ski and paintball goggles. The BluGoo jug also works with filling in small surface scratches on many items too, like cd's, dvd's and BluRay discs. etc.

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  3. Blu-Goo Drip

    Blu-Goo Drip


    The BluGoo Drip is a 1/4 ounce drip bottle and is designed for applying a small amount of BluGoo on hard to reach items. The BluGoo Drip is a great applicator to have in the field. Same BluGoo packaged in a Drip bottle instead of the spray. The Drip has a screw on cap so it wont leak. We suggest using the BluGoo Drip on items such as rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, camera lenses, iphones, ipads, jewelry or any other small item.

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  4. Blu-Goo Spray 1 oz

    Blu-Goo Spray 1 oz


    Our smallest spray available Learn More
  5. Blu-Goo Spray 2 oz
  6. Blu-Goo Spray 4 oz
  7. Blu-Goo Spray 8 oz

    Blu-Goo Spray 8 oz


    8 oz Spray is our most popular size for personal use. Learn More
  8. Blu-Goo Personal Refill

    Blu-Goo Personal Refill


    People have liked using BluGoo on many things since created in 2004. These people who have liked the way BluGoo works for them, want the best way for ordering more. We recommend re-ordering two 16 oz. BluGoo refill bottles. The reason for this is the 16 oz. BluGoo refill bottle is the best value and a great way to save on shipping costs. Think about it. It costs the same to ship out two 16 oz. BluGoo refill bottles as it does to ship out any smaller item. So allot of people when re-ordering BluGoo, order two 16 oz. BluGoo refill bottles and refill there smaller existing BluGoo spray bottle when they need to. If you don't have an empty BluGoo spray bottle we can ship one to you free, with purchase of a 16 oz. BluGoo Refill bottle. (please request empty bottle) Learn More
  9. 16oz. Industrial Spray

    16oz. Industrial Spray


    Our Smallest Industrial Spray Learn More
  10. 32oz. Industrial Spray

    32oz. Industrial Spray


    Our Biggest Industrial Spray Learn More
  11. 1 Gallon

    1 Gallon


    1 Gallon Refill Learn More
  12. 2.5 Gallon Refill

    2.5 Gallon Refill


    2.5 Gallon Refill Learn More
  13. 5 Gallon Refill

    5 Gallon Refill


    5 Gallon Refill Learn More