Sunday September 24, 2017

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Where is Blu-Goo Made?
Blu-Goo is Manufactured in North Salt Lake City, Utah. BluGoo is 100% Made in the USA
What is Blu-Goo?
Blu-Goo is an Anti-Fog / Anti-Static Lens Cleaner that will work on every type of surface.
Will Blu-Goo Scratch my lenses?
Nope! Blu-Goo is a water based product that has no wax, silicone or amonia. Its so smooth that it wont even leave a film on your lens.
Which Blu-Goo Product is right for me?
Any of our Blu-Goo products will work however we do have our own personal recommendations. Navigate to our products page and select which product you want to see. Our recommendations are listed in the descriptions but remember any Blu-Goo style will work on any surface!
How do I use Blu-Goo?
Apply a small amount of Blu-Goo to your surface, wait a few seconds, then wipe clean. We recommend using a microfiber towel for wiping and yes we do sell them if you dont already have one.
What can I use Blu-Goo on?
Pretty much everything: Anti-Reflective Glasses,Eye Glasses, Sun Glasses, Sport Goggles, Safety Goggles, Helmet Visors, Scuba Goggles, Paint Ball Lens, Swim Goggles, Polarized Lens, Transitional Lenses, Chromatic Lenses, UV Coated Lenses, Teflon Lenses, Iridiom Coatings, Gun Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Camera Lenses, Mirrors, Windshields, Boat Windshields, Jewelery (Diamonds, Stones, Gold, Silver), TV Screens, LCD Screens, Plasma Screens, Computer Monitors, Safety Glasses, Eye Glasses, Instrument Gages, DVD's, CD's, Cell Phones and many more.